Drawn in 3D

Maglance has launched a new freelancer site called Drawnin3d.com

3D printing is a fantastic and developing new system to produce prototypes and models vastly cheaper and quicker than traditional methods.  The growth in sophistication of the 3D printing machines, as well their increasing affordability, means more and more people are taking the opportunity to design and make their own jewelry, toys, models and engineering prototypes.

For the beginner however there is still a major problem to overcome - the creation of a 3D image of their idea.  There are plenty of open source programs to create 3D images with, and plenty of free to download prebuilt models, but to create a new one from scratch represents a steep and long learning curve for most enthusiasts.  Those people would prefer to be able to describe their idea in 2D with drawings and descriptions in a relatively crude format then have someone else create the 3D image will be growing as 3D printing becomes more and more available.

To assist with this we have launched a new freelance site to allow 3D drawing experts to bid on projects posted by those requiring a 3D print but no idea how to create the correct file to send to the printer.

If you or your company has any expertise in 3D graphics please feel free to register as a freelancer. 

The website is www.drawnin3d.com

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