Featured Projects

A project will be featured for a fee of $30, paid by the Maglancee who opens it. The project will be listed on the main page, the Maglancers page, and will be more noticeable because of the following Featured Project graphic, which will appear beside the project anywhere it is seen by Maglancers: Featured Project!

What is the advantage for the Maglancee?
Although it costs $30 to have a featured project, you will save 100% on the commission. There will be no charge based on a bid like with regular projects. Maglancers will not be charged a commission either, and they are normally charged $10 or 10% of the bid (whichever is greater). No commission means Maglancers will bid even lower on your project, resulting in lower costs for you in the long run! Also, on Featured Projects, we will allow more activity which is normally against the Maglance Terms. Such as allowing Maglancers to bid an hourly service cost or anything else. So consider opening a featured project if you want Maglancers to bid in any unusual way.

Note: You must have $30 in your Maglance account before opening a featured project. If you don't, login to the account management area and deposit some money.

What is the advantage for Maglancers?
Maglancers will NOT be charged a commission when they are chosen for a featured project! There is absolutely no cost for taking part in one of these projects.

Contact us if you have any questions about Featured Projects.